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Our Cata del Vino Course

The wine tasting was surrounded by a halo of mystery, almost like a practice intended only to initiate ones. All that will be cleared from the beginning by this Wine Tasting Course.
With the clear objective of promoting the culture of wine, and bring it to the general public, we have developed this interesting Wine Tasting Course on-line we expect results from the pleasure and satisfaction of all.

To assess a wine, we must have a basic knowledge of the subject. The effort of growers, winemakers, wine merchants, etc., becomes more intelligible with appropriate training of who taste their wines.
For proper sensory analysis of wine, is not enough to alert all our senses ... you need to possess the fundamentals that circumscribe the three phases of wine tasting: visual, gustatory and olfactory.

Tasting a wine is to describe, discover and undress it...
Wine tasting is a challenge to the individual trained sensitivity. It is a challenge to exercised senses.
The tasting can be taught and can be learned, one thing necessary to taste is that our sense organs work properly and feel the necessary interest to learn a foundation that as we practice and leave knowing more wines will be expanded if we persevere in that initial interest.
However, these bases have to be learned and make it ideally performing certain exercises that will help us distinguish and identify our feelings. The perfect is performing this learning with tasters able to express what they feel. So we try to memorize the way we experience those feelings that they identify, because almost certainly will find them later in other wines.
Each wine has its own identity and expresses different things, but in regard to the tasting, it usually does within certain parameters. The greater our capacity to understand, identify and memorize those parameters, and the greater the number of wines that we have the opportunity to taste to expand our repertoire of recognizable feelings, we become better tasters.
It must be said, however, that not even the best taster of the world will experience, identify and express everything that a wine may have to say. A wine is not an engine that can be dismantle and described to each component, there is always leaking or sensations which cannot be described. That's where the magic of wine begins.
With the Online Wine Tasting Course, you will receive accurate and needed formation to be a real WineLover and enjoy wines and wine tastings you attend.


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