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About Us

What defines us?
We are a service company related to the wine sector, called NetWork Consulting Services, SL, solid, professional, dynamic, multidisciplinary, flexible, owns the, and brands. Under the brand we intend to offer wine lovers the necessary minimum knowledge about the sensory analysis of wine, with the aim of promoting the culture of wine and that the winemaker effort in producing and raising gets valued. is a consulting online that gives wine lovers training courses on the sensory analysis of it, with the support of expert tutors to ensure the resolution of your questions within 24 hours. Our main premise is that each student can stick to their individual training needs immediately, with a flexible schedule after buying wine tasting course. In this course line, the goal is to empower self-learning ability or the power that each person has to self-direct and self-regulate their process of acquiring knowledge through our educational multimedia content. This pioneering project nationally and internationally guarantees an excellent training for the best price on a fully flexible schedule.

What we offer
A formative dare for Wine lovers, thanks to the elaborate multimedia agendas, and tests, and exams prepared for that purpose. We care about the proper training of all those interested in wine tasting.

Sensory experiences
We offer wine lovers the opportunity to obtain the basic knowledge that will serve them as a theoretical component to wine tastings that are advertised on the GPS Find Wine tasting

What we look for looking for people like you ... who like studying our agendas so you can:

  • Learn the terminology of Wine.
  • Acquire the basic knowledge required to perform the sensory analysis of wine.
  • Understand the aromas and flavors that Wine transmits you.

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