• Javier Gila

    Five-time champion of Spain Sommelier
    President of the Sommeliers Association in Madrid 2015
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Introduction to Wine Tasting

Tasting wine is the operation of experiment, analyze and appreciate the organoleptic attributes of a product. In a wine tasting is especially applicable sight, taste, smell and touch to one or a number of wines in order to analyze them, prosecute them and catalog them. The wine tasting will be richer if you have better knowledge of cultivation and vinification, as well as a training of the memory, which allows us to identify odors and flavors and compare them with others. The tasting can be taught and can be learned, one thing necessary to taste is that our sense organs work properly and feel the necessary interest to learn a foundation that as we practice and leave knowing more wines will be expanded if we persevere in that initial interest. On the other hand, there are many questions that rise attendees to a wine tasting initiation on the temperature of the wine, the presentation order of service, and how must be the cup. We will try to solve these and many other questions below. To perceive the characteristics of a wine must consider a range of values, from the wine temperature to where the wine is made, also through the mood or the taster attitude. All this can change the perception and personality of any wine.

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